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Re: Disgruntled

In a message dated 98-04-10 00:36:53 EDT, you write:

 >Yes I did and did not get out and bow after my drive.  I have also ridden in
> few on the track in the wet with experienced drivers and did not find them 
> amazing but good. 
Better than a q?  Mine was, and I was only at the wheel a week.  I got out and
not only bowed to the brakes, but started project big reds for my q's because
of them.  'G60's as good as M3 brakes without abs' was your claim.  Given
that, I believe that your ride was either brief or ...   just not.  Sorry, I
know G60 brakes sir, and they are no M3's, rain shine or smoking wax on a hot

 >Ego??  That is a cop out if I have ever heard one.   When I get to the track
 >with my current set up I will gladly post the #s.  What pads were on the
 >Was the fluid fresh?   I have driven my 4kq very hard at PIR and even with 
 >stock brakes have little fade.  Granted this was before hp but I have taken
 >easy day at PIR and had little fade.
A) your definition of "hard" needs attention, or B) I haven't had the full
monty of G60's in the 6years I've worked em.  From Ned's pagid blue racing to
CC's to stock to everywhere in between.  I own a brake bleeder that has ATE
super blue or PFC performance fluid in it.  I can see from your very post, you
may not have a lot of  experience with them...  Yet.  What pads are you using?
 >Exit speeds aside??  This is where quattro's cleaned up in competition.  As 
> far as balanced goes I have stayed with well driven MR2s in the corners.
 >you driven a well prepared 4kq?  Maybe your driving style does not lend
 >to quattro.  Or does the "ego" not allow you to admit that could be true.
Nope, don't bite, only claim to be a goofball.  You can ask around some if
you'd like, or go to the rocky mountain qclub pages.  In the corners?  A
corner includes:  entry speed, braking, turning, acceration, exit speed.  1 is
in your favor to the M3, one is a wash (by your claim), and the other two are
in the M3's favor.  Those awesome G60's won't make it thru the test sir, bttt.
Maybe more accelerator is what you are implying.  I'll try that.  :)
 >Alex's car was in its infancy at that point.  He had nothing sorted out and 
> stock suspension.  What size tires was he running.  I believe 205's were the
 >tire of choice at that point.  As far as his brakes you would not want to 
 >compare M3 brakes to his current setup.  Groupe B brakes come to mind now.
Group B what?  What size tire is he running now?  I thought group B fit under
a 15in wheel.  Andersons car comes to mind now.  Close?  Would that be the S1
295mm front/rears or the A1 290mm front/rears?  Much better than G60's, much
better than M3's?  Well, I rode in Andersons car...  Did he convert both the
front and rears?  Keith did.  Neat calipers, the real thing, or just the
rotors?  Couple of quattros run around events with 330mm disks too.  Sounds
like Alex upgraded.  Smoking the competition tho?  hmmm....
 >I question the lava machine comparison.  I do not know anything about that
 >other than the basic info you have imparted.  What hp is he running?  What 
 >pads?  Driver?  
MC motor in a 4kq.  What HP you claiming?  Driver? Ask around some.  The
competition in 4ktq's is high. 

> Alex also drove that car home listening to his CD player.  BTW he lives in 
> Seattle.  As for the warranty it was in the drivers seat. :-)
Smelling clutch with Ned in the car.  Both best case scenarios.  What's worst
case?  :)
 >As does my opinion of you with your attitude.  I and others would appriciate
 >you replying direct.
Hey you haven't shared a beer with me yet to make that statement.  Read my
Task post, sir.  I have been here for a long time, survived a lot of
attitudes, flag waving, and reality checks.  Whacking me over the head with
brags and cliams only brings more questions from this keyboard.  

Understand Pat, few know you here from anything but your posts.  Many know me
for a lot of things, including my posts.  We aren't reinventing the wheel
here.  G60 conversions are what they are, MANY, right here on this list, and
at qclub have done the conversions.  Claiming them to be anything more than
adequate, is hardly doing justice to your posts or points made.  Claiming them
to be M3 equivalents, abs or otherwise, is barking.  Sorry, btdt.  

At a track, I'm all business, ask around.  Friendly, attentive, helpful, and
fanatical about quattros.  And making ME go faster, and helping YOU go faster.
YOU are the one that offered the kick off the list.  Hey that's your howitzer,
and you 'claim' I have an attitude?    I might suggest a reread of your own
posts, sir.  I'm just a reality checque, mostly for claims.  And I make very
few.  And I take that resume, to mean that when I make a couple, just maybe
there's beef behind the post.  Not a beef of a post.

You need a beer, I would suggest a Blue Heron Pale Ale from Hopland CA.  Happy
to buy you the first.

Scott Justusson
'84 Urq
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw