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[Fwd: Anti-Rollbar Distortion?]

Thanks for the feedback - yours and others have confirmed the issue.  Lying
awake in bed and contemplating all things quattro as I imagine many listers do,
I had a slight epiphany on this subject last night.  Why not use a come-along
(ratchet hoist) under the car bewteen the two anti-rollbar ends to coax them
into position?  One might have to find some means (clamp perhaps) to make sure
the com-along hooks don't slip forward.  If someone trys this before I get a
"chance" I'd be curious about the results.

Dave Puterbaugh wrote:

> I had a difficult time getting my anti roll bar back into place on my 1991
> 200 tq.  It seemed about 2" to wide, and I had the same pleasure of grunting
> and swearing.  The car has never been wrecked, so this is probably common.
> Dave Puterbaugh
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> From: Keith Simpson <ksimp@cgrams.com>
> To: quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Date: Monday, April 06, 1998 11:10 AM
> Subject: Anti-Rollbar Distortion?
> >Had a difficult time popping strut out of balljoint last
> >weekend.  Seems that the anti-roll bar was placing a lot of
> >outboard force on the strut.  Had to remove anti-roll bar to get
> >em out.  Took a lot of brute force to  get the anti-roll bars
> >back into place (not a whole lot - just me grunting and yelling a
> >lot).  Shouldn't these things just slip into place.  There is
> >some evidence my car had some front end damage, but not
> >extensive.  Some collective experience?  TIA.
> >--
> >keith simpson
> >wolfeboro, nh
> >