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RE: 325ix...

Two more data points on this:

1) In 1991, I had the opportunity to drive a 1988 325ix for three days.  I
found it handled very much like the typical RWD BMW -- tail happy, in other
words -- and rather sluggish, presumably due to its weight.  I did NOT find
the brakes particularly effective, either.  Overall, I wasn't as favorably
impressed with it as I hoped I would be and didn't buy it, deciding instead
to wait until used M3s became cheaper.  (Yes, I *will* buy one of them
someday ... they're not as quick as the most recent M3s but, IMHO, they're
*much* more fun to drive!)

2) The March 1988 issue of Performance Car did a six-car comparison of AWD
vehicles, the 325ix and Ur-Q waving the flags for BMW and Audi,
respectively.  They noted that the 325ix had significant amounts of
understeer and they had to change their driving style to accomodate; they
also noted that it required more effort on the part of the driver than any
of the other cars they tested to match the pace set by the Ur-Q.  Lastly,
they likewise claimed the brakes sucked.

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