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Re: [Fwd: Anti-Rollbar Distortion?]

>Thanks for the feedback - yours and others have confirmed the issue.  Lying
>awake in bed and contemplating all things quattro as I imagine many listers do,
>I had a slight epiphany on this subject last night.  Why not use a come-along
>(ratchet hoist) under the car bewteen the two anti-rollbar ends to coax them
>into position?  One might have to find some means (clamp perhaps) to make sure
>the com-along hooks don't slip forward.  If someone trys this before I get a
>"chance" I'd be curious about the results.

Just now got a hold of this thread.  My brute force from a 6'2" 190
lb. frame was not cutting it at all when I redid my front end.  The
ride is an '86 5KCTSQ.  I coaxed the sway bar in by looping some heavy
braided nylon rope over the end of the sway bar and some other reasonable
point in line with the hole in the control arm.  I then twisted it
with a scredriver to pull it in.  I kept the rope from slipping down
by clamping a vise-grip on the sway bar.


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 251K Miles