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Buyer beware

In message <032201bd648e$852d15e0$66d6a4cf@default> "Fred Munro" writes:

>     My experience was positive. The dealer stayed open late even though he
> did not know for sure I was coming and he stuck to our deal even though he
> could have made more money by backing out. In my many used car purchases
> I've found the majority of people are decent, honest folk.

I bought my ur-quattro from a used car lot south of Towcester in
Northamptonshire.  The car had come from Wales, which is a fair trog
from Towcester, and was registered in a woman's name.  The dealer
made it clear that, although the car was registered to a woman, it
had been driven mainly by her husband after his own car had been
crushed in a farm accident.  Give the premium usually attached to "one
careful lady driver" I thought this was very honest.

 Phil Payne
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