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Re: why I own an Audi

1.  Was stunned when I first saw the aero Audi 5000
2.  They used to have lusty, thick brochures on each model that pointed out
Audis unique engineering advantages
3.  Read a C&D article on the 5000TQ wagon...top speed 139.  What!!!???
139MPH from a wagon!!!???
4.  Awesome TV image of Audi in the 80's...climbing a ski jump, doing a 360
spin and rolling up between a BMW and a MB, and whipping around a BMW and
MB on the autobahn
5.  Maniacal CEO Ferdinand Piech, a car guy's car guy.  Can't see this guy
in a committee saying..."now have we thought of how this car will appeal to
women with long fingernails?"
6.  Audi is the underdog.  Everyone admires BMW's image power, but Audi
appeals to an intelligent side of people that says this is a car that
should be the leader, will be the leader, and makes you proud to be part of
the early advocates.