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Re: Why do YOU own an Audi? (Long Emotional Retort)

>>> Jeffrey J. Goggin <audidudi@mindspring.com> - 4/9/98 9:15 PM >>>
Why? aka First Audi Love...

The elders purchased a new '78 5000 while we were in NC.  I drove the car frequently and was the sole occupant for many years.  Regardless of exterior condition (Sahara Biege--major fading and large spots of grey primer) the damn thing STILL will not go away!   The odometer quit at around 200k (late 80s) and regardless of the fact that there's a newer VW Passat in the stall next to it, the car is still around (despite my efforts to have them part with it).

(Interim years of RABID interest in rally...seeing World Cup skiiers show up in urq...watching 4000csq pass everone on the way to the slopes....)

I looked for a q of my own after high school.  Drove around Bay Area with father for over 8 hours just trying to find the location of a cheap 4000csq listed in the paper.  Earlier had driven another metallic royal blue 87 4kcsq that the owner was "waxing" over a couple of layers of dirt....hmmmm?  Finally, giving up on the way back to the valley I noticed the ad for an 86.5 VW quantum syncro, called the owner, drove another two hours at night, took it for a ride and was immediately hooked!

This thing has been the best all-around car ever.   Driven every year to OR with 3 mountain bikes, 4 sailboards, a 12 person tent, approx 16 sails, camping equip galore for four years without a hitch (other than me blowing out body parts).  Driven w/o hitch through 4" of white stuff, while averaging ~65 mph on the way to Salt Lake.  (Converted an MBZ S class driver).  Hydroplaned (pre Q-List throttle instruction) into a ditch during "monsoon" along Delta.  No injuries to car or person.  Over 228k miles and still going fairly strong.

Now married, wife and I have the syncro, the 90 CQ, and an 88 Chebby Nova (still for $500 if anyone wants it)... which one has cost the least to maintain?  The syncro.

Biggest concern is the near future.  It's time for a new "NEW" car.  No question that it will be a q derivative.  Question is which car to get rid of in the next few months.

Never safer. Never more comfortable.  Never disappointed with performance.  Never concerned with status.  The perfect Luxo-Sport-Econo vehicle.  And all this Q-list comraderie of course. (Just wish the S4 was closer to $30k)

Derek Daily
86 VW qsw
90 CQ