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Re: Help, high water

> How deep was it? The water came into the cabin through floorboard openings.

Geez, I was in up to the side moldings and water only seeped in around
the door seals.  What floorboard openings?  My truck has those (for
Flintstone braking...).
> Need as many BTDT's as possible this morning. 
> Help...glub...glub.

Do I feel a weird sense of deja vu?

If the engine turns over you're lucky, you probably just got a bunch of
connectors wet. If it doesn't, you aren't, you'll at least have to get
the water out of the cylinder(s) and hope nothing scuffed itself inside
the engine.  Yes, btdt.

I'd start by pulling the spark plugs, don't even try turning it over. 
Look for water.  Bring a basting tube and some flexible tubing to remove
water if necessary.

Huw Powell