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More Audis for sale WV

While checking with my local dealer (Charleston, WV), the sales rep
mentioned that he had two new trade-ins and suggested that I might be able
to find him a buyer fairly quickly.  I've told him about the q-list.  I
think he gets the general idea.  :-)

One is a red '93 100CS (FWD) 5-speed, 61,488 miles.  Asking $13K.  He
confided that they have $11K in the car.

Second is a Europa Blue '96 A6q, auto, 63,700 miles.  Asking $22K.  They
have $19,500 in it.

If you call and talk with him, please don't tell him I mentioned their
investment in the cars but there may be a bit of leeway for some judicious
haggling.  I'd suggest you mention that I gave you his number.

I took a rather cursory look at both cars.  I saw no obvious flaws but it
was raining cats and dogs while I was looking at them.  I could very well
have missed something.

Call John Phillips at 304-344-1601.

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