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Audi 1990 200TQ for sale, sad tale


It is with the proverbial heavy heart that I must offer my recently acquired 
'90 200TQ for sale. I bought the car last January 1st, trading my '89 100Q 
(which was running fine). I absolutely love the car, but due to an impending 
divorce (never thought I'd be typing *that*), must look to strategically 
planning/surviving the next 6 months-2 years in all ways, including financial. 
(To make a long story short, after 20 years of marriage and with two young 
kids, my wife has declared "there's no joy in my life" and thinks she is 
seeing greener pastures (read: Romeo) - that's not quite fair, nothing happens 
in a vacuum, but still...). 

Anyway, I jumped on this car because it is the best condition 200TQ that I've 
ever seen for sale in the time I've known Audis (4 years). What few things 
needed fixing, I had fixed under warranty (bought it at Craig's Automotive, 
Corning, NY, an Audi specialist shop). Car had 91K miles, now has 96K. I've 
taken a couple 600 mile trips, the car is an absolute joy to drive. I had 
plans to chip it, but...

Has all the usual options, is that pearl white color, and *everything works* 
(the only caveat being it hasn't been hot enough to really test the climate 
control for cooling). Most of the service papers came with it, including the 
original window sticker ($37K+!). The previous owner seems to have taken it 
for service every time something buzzed or squeaked, so it's had many new 
parts; fuel pumps, rear brake calipers and p-cables, etc.  Nearly new Michelin 
XGT V4s. 

I've done research as to a fair price to ask, and called Craig (he has no $ 
interest in this sale), who, for what it's worth, says this is the best 200TQ 
he's seen in a long time. NADA lists ave. retail for this car at $10,350; this 
car is *way* above average but I'm offering it for $10,500.  I'm listing it 
here first, then the WWW and local papers. I live in central NY State, work in 
Ithaca. Will have photos available soon, if someone is seriously interested. 
(And if you tell me you are driving for hours to see it, I *will* hold it for 
you. If someone gets here first, they can leave a deposit and wait.)

So, that's the story. I have followed this list for three years, and will 
probably, nah, definitely continue. I hope to be an Audi owner again, before 

Frank M.
'90 200TQ (for now)
'88 Mazda 323 GTX
(607) 274-1381