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re: scraping glue

Chris Miller wrote:
> From: Joe Rae
> I am removing the door bumper/trim on the outside of the door, I have the 
> trim off of the car but there are strips of rubber compound glue, that held 
> on the outside door trim, I cannot get this off.
> - ----------------
> Joe:  body shops use a razor blade tool to cut the glue off.  The blade has
> "runners" on either side of the blade to let it ride very slightly above the
> paint.  If you use the blade without runners, you'll likely score the paint
> with the blade.  I think Bentley references this tool.
> Tool may be available at parts stores; you might be able to jury rig one with
> tape and a razor blade scraper.

Hey, that's like that new shaving razor by Shick!