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On 4/9/98 Copley One complained:

>the volume of material re Audi v. BMW is getting extremely frustrating.
>My sense is that the majority of QList members are not at all
>interested in this. We love our Q's, and we like to discuss them, drive
>them, fix them. Can't you guys take it over to another private channel if
>it's so consuming for you?

I have a somewhat different take on this issue.  First, almost any thread
can grow stale to regular readers, though not necessarily to those
engaged in them.  When I see one I'm tired of, I applaud the energy of
those perpetuating it while quickly pressing on to the next post in the

This list has a strong contingent of folks whose interests are technical
and mechanical abilities well-honed.   Where aging Audis are
concerned, that's not a bad thing, maybe inevitable.   Their impatience
is perfectly understandable when the subject strays from care and
feeding of their favorite marque. 

Then there are those of us who appreciate the technical banter and may
well benefit from it one day, if we haven't already.  But we come to the
list as automotive enthusiasts.  We own and enjoy our Audis but make
no apologies for admiring other brands as well.  We want to discuss our
cars'  merits in the context of real world marketplace.  And we're
comfortable enough with their demerits to speak plainly and not try to
change the subject when someone suggests the competition may build
vehicles with superior attributes. 

I hope there's sufficient room on this list for all sincerely interested
participants and urge everyone to remain open-minded.    Even Audi
uber alles types, if we have any among our readership, benefit from
knowing their enemy.

'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28