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Re: Why do YOU own an Audi?

> Ahh.  "Trailer queens".  Gotta love them.  My dad and I see them at the
> Corvette shows.  $35,000 car and $10,000 worth of cleaners, cloths, gels,
> waxes, etc, to keep that "showroom, circa 1966" look.  I thought you drive
> cars.  Oh well....

And I thought "classics" were supposed to be "preserved..." until, back
around 12 years ago, my boss had a new 85 4kq (Oceanic Blue/grey
leather) and a sub-tenant in our building bought an early 60's (I think)
Porsche.  The Porsche was original, oxidised yellow paint, black
leather.  Both $20k cars.  Both were driven in the best and worst
weather.  One fine summer day the Porsche was stolen, horribly modified,
and is no longer.

If you own 'em, drive 'em while you can, I say!

Wine is meant to be saved until it's perfect - then consumed and
enjoyed.  Cars are to be driven while we still have gasoline!

Anyway, Audis deteriorate if they're not lovingly thrashed on a regular

Huw Powell