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RS2 wagon?

In message <v04003a00b1540dff6da8@[]> Brett Dikeman writes:

> Could someone "explain" the RS2 wagon, so to speak?  I've heard only bits
> and pieces, ie, Porsche/Audi joint venture, 500hp, some spiffy
> stylin'...what's the full deal?

Dave Eaton _has_ one, so it should be down to him.

Basically a 90Q wagon with one hell of an engine.  I test drove one
once, and found it rather cramped for space above my right shoulder
(it was RHD) and a bit difficult to drive in slow traffic.  The
instruments have brilliant white backings to them, which I also didn't
like - I prefer the ur-quattro's orange backlit digital dash.

Goes like stink, though, and probably outhandles any other wagon in the
world bar none at all.  I don't think (apart from the dash) there's any
special styling - it's quite "stealthy", which I also like.  The main
give-away that it's a special vehicle is the state of the paintwork -
they tend to get looked after rather well.

 Phil Payne
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