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High Water Damage Report

For all of those who responded to my "Help, High Water" .....You really
helped. When I got to the car I had the flexible tubing to suck the water
out of the cylinders, and I just popped the hood, pulled the plugs, took
about a cup of water out each of the first 4, and a few ounces out of the
last cylinder. Pulled the air filter (soggy and heavy)and buttoned it up.
Tried cranking and nothing happened. No sound, no grinding, no starter.
All other electricals worked.

Put the plugs back in loosely, hooked it to the tow line on my Chevy
Suburban 454, and snaked it out onto the highway and 30 miles home to the
mechanic (who drives an 87 5kcsT, red,  better than new.)Mechanic told
story of what happened to _him_ last night. House got flooded, just like my
car, only the whole house took on about a foot of water. Major losses. Made
me feel lucky I only lost the 4kq! (He has insurance on the house.)

Anyhow, During the night the water was over the door sills and possible up
to the lower edge of the trunk. This all happened after I abandoned the car
and took my son home to dry out. "Worst storm they have seen in these
parts" according to the farmer who towed it out to higher ground when the
son first got swamped and stalled. Tornados in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia,
N. Carolina and major flooding in Northern Ohio. El Nino?

I'll tell you next week what the diagnosis turns out to be on the flooded
engine. The mechanic was very positive and upbeat. Says he seldom sees any
permanent damage in similar situations. "New plugs, air filter oil change
and oil filter should do it" (Easter involves hope, right?)
Have a Happy Easter. I will.

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kq....saved
87 5ktq   preserved ?