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Re: Why do YOU own an Audi?

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Ron Roth wrote:

> 'Cause the first car I drove was my parents' 76 Fox!

And you are still an Audi fan?  Absolutely the worst car I have ever
owned.  It broke the night we picked it up from the dealer--electric fuel
pump blew a fuse.

But I guess I'm not very bright myself.  Nest Audi was an '85 5k.  great
concept, lousy execution.  then the '87 4kq.  great car.  Too bad a ball
joint broke at 165,000 miles or else I'd still have it.  Current ride is
an 89 100q.  162,000 and still going strong.  boring as h8ll but it does
run every day.  Of course the new tires, brakes, clutch, master and slave,
front struts, rear tie rods, new front bushings, ISV, bomb, window
switches, strut bearings, H4 headlights, and who knows what else in the
past 15 months; do make it a better car.

Audi certainly gets the concept right--execution does leave quite a bit to
be desired.

Bill Murin
89 100q