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Re: UrQ? How come no newer Audis on the list?

At 11:35 PM 4/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Forgive me for being a newbie, but what's a UrQ?  Is this the original
>Quattro turbo coupe?  If so, what the 'U' and 'r' stand for?

There are lots of people more qualified than me to answer that one :)
....basically it means 'original quattro' and refers to the first Audi
Quattro coupe sold in the US 1983-1985 or so (but introduced in 1981 ? in
Europe, and sold until 1990?)

>Is there an FAQ somewhere?

Depends on the car you are working on.....there are always the q-list
archives, 20v-specific pages, etc.

>Also, there seems to be very few newer Audis on this list.  How come?

Uh, well, there are some of us w/newer ones (I will occasionally admit to
my 1.8tq), but it's more fun to work, sweat, discuss, etc. our older ones
than something still under warranty, for gosh sakes <grin>.

For your A4, try http://www.a4.org and http://www.ns.net/~seang/main.html


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