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One mans pain is an others dream

Last a month a friend of mine (who is Internet deprived) lost his 91 200 tq
to ice and a tree.  He has decided to buy back the car from the insurance
company and had to pay off the bank note. 

He is parting out the car and playing with the idea of also selling the
Complete motor (motronix,wiring harness,intake,exhaust,turbo,inter cooler,
hoses...)  The asking price is $5K.

I have purchased the tranny and the rest of the drive train,sunroof
motor,inst cluster(if he decides not to keep it)and some other minor hardware.

He is also looking to sell the complete interior with the wood trim(black
barcolonger seats).  Don't know the price.  His name is Jonathan and he
lives in Scituate,MA (Brett posted of his loss earlier) his phone is

I have no financial interest in this...

Jeff Donnelly   91 200 tq avant (dragon wagon)