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RE: Why *I* drive an Audi...

At 11:22 PM 4/10/98 -0700, Buchholz, Steven wrote:
>I too look at the current line offered by Audi and don't see much for me
>... but I must say that the 1.8T in the A4q (Avant) has piqued my
>interest ... and I think it is for the same reasons as before.  If it
>were only available with a manual transmission that spark might actually
>become a flame.  When one's newest car is 10 model years old, and one
>has a growing family, it is probably a good idea for one to consider a
>new (or at least newer) car ...

The A4 Avant *is* available with a manual transmission.  That is, the A4
Avant 2.8 is since there is no A4 Avant 1.8T yet.  They're supposed to make
it available in 1999 and it's a good bet that a manual transmission will be

Paul Wilson