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RE: turbo cooling line

I have gone through the same process and replaced the "hard lines" with
rubber, make sure you use a good "Aero Equip." hose since it is very close
to heat sources.
BTW. I have a s[re set of complete metal lines......

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> That's a great idea Mike, thanks for passing along your wisdom! ... I
> might have even thought about that myself when I got the old lines
> apart.  Although I have not confirmed it myself, I've heard from a
> couple of direct e-mails that the metal line is swaged under the
> permanent crimp ... so all I'll need to do is to replace the old hose
> and add a hose clamp.   $200 (Audi's cost for the replacement lines) can
> buy some awfully fancy short lengths of short hose ... :)
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> > ----------
> > steve a quick fix that i use when adapting lines is to wrap some
> > copper or
> > steel wire around the cleaned extremities of the insert tube. i then
> > braze
> > or solder these on. they act as a lip to stop the hose and clamp from
> > coming
> > off. i haven't lost a hose yet. if you are soldering, use a silver
> > based
> > solder (because of its mechanical strength), acid paste flux and a 40
> > watt
> > or larger iron. don't use a soldering gun. the flux residue washes off
> > with
> > boiling water.
> >