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Re: Why *I* drive an Audi... (Next Gen of Owners)

I still remember being 15 and sitting in dad's 84 4kq in the garage just
dreaming. Boy was I ecstatic when it became mine.


JP wrote:

> Jeffrey J. Goggin says:
> >Do you suppose there are any kids growing up with the same
> >sort of lust for an A4q?
> >Somehow, I tend to doubt it...
> This same question was asked a few years back on the British car mailing
> list.
> Somewhere there is a 14 yr old waiting for dad to upgrade his A4 turbo
> to an A6-- and the kid has probably got the April ed of EuroCar where
> his dad can see it, conveniently opened to page 88.
> (My brother did the same thing with Victoria British catalogs when he
> was 13-- waiting to take over that 80 MGB.)