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Re: why i own audis (and rs2 info)

simple really...

one morning in 1985 was standing in a car-park (large) in south auckland and a
machine making a sort of noise which i had never heard before came over the
crest of a rise and screamed towards me before doing a full-on 90 degree right
in front of me.  i pressed the shutter, and got my first photo..

of a group 'b' rally quattro.

after that sound and sight, i resolved that one day when i was earning some
money, i would get one.  and in 1992, i purchased a bright red 1985 ur-quattro
(wr).  after 18 months of tlc and large bills, and after driving a 20v, i
resolved that one day, when i was earning more money, i would get a 20v; for
the motor, and the different driving experience (much less understeer, and
sharper handling).

i was then offered a good lease deal on an s2, and took that, to run through my
business, while keeping my eye on the 3 20v ur-quattros running around new
zealand.  one morning when i happened to be in auckland, my dealer called me
and said that there was a black 20v in, did i want to have a look at it.  i
did, we talked, he knocked some money off for me, and promised a range of
things, and we did a handshake deal on the spot.  although there were 5 other
interested parties, he had predicated the transaction on my acceptance or
otherwise.  i really appreciated that.  i now own a pristine black 20v with
93,000kms (and a new cambelt).  nicely run in really.

when the time to terminate the lease of the s2 came around, i wasn't sure what
to do, so my dealer (same guy) gave me the keys of a black rs2 avant for a few
days.  after driving it, i was hooked.  fast, comfortable, quiet and some nice
porsche bits.  315hp and 300lb ft torque is a bit accademic except for hills
which you take in 5th @140 change up to 6th and feel the acceleration continue.
 love the car, great wagon, excellent quality and very practical...

however, i still drive audi for 1 main reason, and that is a black ur-quattro. 
there is nothing like it for it's feel, it's precision, sharp responses and
it's hand-built, build quality.  we're joined at the hip...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 12:58:32 -0500
>From: Brett Dikeman <brett@arthur.malebolge.com>
>Subject: RS2 wagon?
>Could someone "explain" the RS2 wagon, so to speak?  I've heard only bits
>and pieces, ie, Porsche/Audi joint venture, 500hp, some spiffy
>stylin'...what's the full deal?
>- ------
>Brett Dikeman