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Re: Water dog

Well, it has four thick feet, black skin, roars like a beast and -
p*sses at my shoes. What amimal is it? I think I'll try some
educational measures when the weather gets better.

happy easter days to everyone,


_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_

><<There - it happened again. Everytime I leave my car out in the
>the water seems to stay inside the doors. When I open the driver's
>door, even if it has stopped raining hours ago, water runs out of the
>door body as I open it - onto my shoes. The water runs out at the
>front and the rear end of the door.
>This is only funny if it happens _once_.
>Does anybody else's car p*ss at your shoes?>>
>Just curious --  have you considered calling it a cocker spaniel?  At
>then such behavior would be expected!
>     Later.
>     Marty Liggins
>     Imperial Potentate, Bucksnort Quattro Club (Un-Inc.)