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Why do YOU own an Audi?

A couple of years ago, I got a new job that included a 100-mile daily
commute. As my previous job was a 10-minute bike ride from my home, my $250
1980 Jetta 1.3 sufficed. For this new job, I would need something more
reliable, safe and comfortable. Something which didn't need the fuses
jiggled when the turn signals gave up again, or a 1-minute crank every
morning to get it started.

I'd rounded up a Mercedes 190, BMW 3 (E30) and an Audi 80 for the job. I
drove the MB, and found it numb-feeling and non-sporting, with solid but
ugly materials in the interior (I hate the checked upholstery in those
things, the flat, hard seats and the stupid single windscreen wiper). When
I walked into the BMW dealership, ready to do a deal on a nice E30 (I knew
what they were like) I was comprehensively ignored by the sales jerks. I
didn't wear an Armani suit, so I wasn't welcome. I spent five minutes
there, trying in vain to get noticed, then decided 'they don't deserve me
as a customer' and went for the Audi.

Having bought my 80, I experienced Dutch highway driving at its worst
during 50k miles in my first year. This also awoke me to the fact that BMW
and MB drivers are the worst on our roads, and I was glad not to be
associated with them. Yes, that's a generalization, and it's largely true.

The pricing of used Audis is very much like used BMWs and MBs, so no
difference there. I believe Audi parts prices are a little more reasonable
than BMW and MBs, but there are less Audis in the scrapyards here. Audi
dealers are a little friendlier here than BMW dealers, but equal to MB

Having crashed my car last summer, I'm also aware that the Audi was a good
choice. Had I driven a less solid car, I wouldn't have been so lucky. In my
old Jetta I would've been in the hospital, while my Audi could even be

My 80 is currently 10 years old, but still has a good image in most
peoples' eyes. When I tell someone what I drive, I mostly get somewhat
jealous replies, even from people who drive newer cars.

I may soon be changing jobs again to a place so near my home that I really
don't need a car (the trip would take longer by car than by bike). As fuel
prices, road tax and insurance have gone up tremendously here, and are
expected to continue to rise, I'm currently contemplating buying another
car. My heart's with Audi, and I'd really love a quattro (having driven a
few, there's nothing (affordable) like 'em for pure driving pleasure), but
I might consider buying a VW Golf out of pure common sense. However, when I
don't use it too much I can perhaps afford to buy with my heart instead of
my head, so I might end up with another Audi. There's not a lot of
feel-good factor involved when you're driving a Golf (which to me would be
a utilitarian A->B transportation implement), and being a car nut, that's


PS Saw a 1984 911SC 3.0 yesterday, dark blue metallic, Fuchs wheels,
beautiful shape, for $10k. Yummy. I might be able to afford the car, but
could I afford the repairs and maintenance? Naaah... There's also an '88
UrQ in this week's AutoTrader- $6.5k. Same story.

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 217,000km

             Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.