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Re: Seat R&R

At 09:49 AM 4/12/98 GMT, you wrote:

>Anyone BTDT?  Are the devilish triangular clips a standard type of
>fastener that I might find off-the-shelf somewhere, or do I have to
>devise some other way of holding the covers firmly in place?

Those are called 'hog rings', and are actually oval when new.  They use a
special hog ring plier that has grooves in it to insert new ones and clamp
correctly. I bought mine at the local Pep Boys. JC Whitney has them too.
Upholstery shops should have them.

Interestingly enough, on the 91 seats I have, the inside bolster is not
placed over (astride) the rod - but inside of it. Both seats are this way.
Consistantly, the inside bolster hasn't broken down as the door side has.
makes the seat grip the hips a bit more too...
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