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Re: To lock or not to lock

>Dwayne wrote:
>> This seems like a dumb question but how do you lock the center differential.
>> I have a switch on the console for the rear dif but as far as I know thats
>> it.
>> Thanks,
>> Dwayne
>> '91 200tq
>You have a torsen center diff that does not lock. Rather, it tries to
>automatically send power to the end of the car that has more traction.
>Up to 70%. Your rear diff will unlock itself at speeds above 15 mph.

The question is; when/why would you _want_ to lock the rear diff?  This
sorta escaped me...as a prospective Q owner, I'd appreciate a little
insight into this!  My idiot guess is for "stuck" situations, torsen would
transfer to rear wheels, so you lock the rear diff to get _both_ rear
wheels to go?


Brett Dikeman
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