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Re: Audi Fox vs. A4 - The Lust Factor

>Jeffrey, a few listers have gently challenged you on this one.  I admit my
>first reaction was that if past generations could lust after the Audi Fox, 
>A4s are a shoe-in.  They are incomparably better cars and a hot ride in
>their class to boot.  Surely their popularity will assure desirablility in
>times to come among those too young or impecunious to own one now.

Quite possibly ... I recently read an article that suggested that by 35 to
39 years of age, most people have become closed to experiencing new food
and/or music.  Perhaps this should include cars as well?

>The only thing that might work against it is the A4 has far more
>competent competition than the Fox did in its time.  Being a bit older
>than you, the roots of my car-madness lie deep in the '50s and '60s, a
>fabulous time to be an enthusiast, regardless of what you think today
>about the products of the era.   As the '70s progressed into the '80s, we
>boomers were heartbroken by what was happening in the marketplace -
>there was very little new for us to buy.  Some diverted their attention to
>vans, pickups and, lest we forget, sport-utes, the latter two still with us
>in droves.   It wasn't until the later '80s and into the '90s that an
>affordable range of truly interesting (and mechanically superior) cars
>came back to the market.  I personally think we're in another golden era
>and hope it continues indefinitely, though history is against me on this

I fear you may be correct...

>Another thought.  It takes many of us a while to become comfortable
>with new models, however good they may be.  Often they get better
>with perspective, perhaps of what comes next!

Could be ... my taste in cars often runs a generation behind but I assume
this is just my protection mechanism at work to prevent me from spending too
much money on them!  Mind you, my argument was limited solely to Audi, as
there are several cars from other manufacturers that have caught my fancy.

>You mention an early attraction to BMW 2002tii.

Well, by the time I came to be interested in them, the '73 2002 tii was
already two years out of production so I'm not sure this is a good example.

>Did you find the 5000CSTQ to be equally attractive (or comparable in an
enthusiast's sense) in 1986?   

Yes, in fact, I did.  I had the opportunity to drive one for approx. 150
miles on the way back from Las Vegas late one night in January of '87 and
decided there and then that I would own one someday.

>Hope you don't mind my sharing these thoughts with the list.

Despite my advancing age, I'm still have at least a semi-open mind ...
thanks for your input on this.
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