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Re: airbag light/ recall

     I too had this work done recently on my V8Q and am experiencing the 
     same delay on the light. I haven't timed it but I usually get a block 
     or more from home in the morning before it goes out. As with you, the 
     dealer said "it's normal". I checked out the original owners manual 
     and it says 10 seconds.
     I suspect it is scrutinizing the sensors but can't back that up...
     Jon Tessman        Houston,Tx
     '90 V8Q

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Subject: airbag light/ recall
Author:  Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com> at ENRON-Internet
Date:    4/12/98 11:18 AM

Late last year, the PO of my '91 200q had the airbag-recall work performed 
at Morong-Falmouth Audi in Maine. Soon afterwards, he brought the vehicle 
back complaining that the airbag (instr. panel) light remained lit more 
than 2 minutes after the engine is started. The Audi dealer inspected and 
evidently felt that all was OK. No repair was done or suggested. I've timed 
it, and the light stays on for close to 2.5 minutes--very consistently.
Have any others experienced this excessive airbag-light-time happening 
after the recall work was done? I'm certain that it does not indicate a 
properly functioning system--at least not according to previous standards. 
I wonder if it means anything other than that the airbag is not armed 
during that (light-on) interval?
BTW, Morong Audi technicians don't exactly inspire confidence: they 
stated--on a '91 200q repair order--that they replaced sparkplugs for 
cylinders 4, 5 and 6.
(Is there an extra "g" in that dealer's name?)
Phil Rose               Rochester, NY 
'89 100
'91 200q                pjrose@servtech.com