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'84Ur-q melting FI fuses in fuse box (HELP)

Wow, I must have really done something bad to the Audi Gods.  If both the '87
5Ktq and the Ur-q keep acting up like they have been over the last two weeks I
going to be broke in no time.   The lastest in the string of problems with the
'84 Ur-q (with '88 MC motor) is a fuel injection fuse not only blew again but
shows big signs of dealing with way to many amps.  I had to repalce the ISV
last monday.  On saterday I repalced the idle screw ( Operator error on this
one) and poked around to see if I could finally figure out why the car idles
so poorly I repalced a couple of Vac. lines but still no better.  I just
looked around to see if anything "Looked" out of place.  Everything looks ok
so I turn off the key and put it away for the knight.  This morning I go out
and try to start it.  It cranks like crazy but no go.  I open the hood and
look around, don't see anything wrong.  I get back in and turn the key and
realize that I do not hear the fuel pump cycle on.  last July I had the same
thing happen and it turned out to be the fuel injection fuse ( thought that
the pump had just unloaded and then when the fuel got to it again the pump
loaded up again and drew enough amps to blow the 15 amp fuse) Well today the
car had a half tank and was just sitting in the driveway. I open up the fuse
box and the #13? fuse is very melted (I mean the plastic and all) This to me
does not look like a very good sign.  Can anyone give me any thoughts on this.
I believe that I have read that the Ur-q Fuse box can have problems with
corrosion?  Or is my fuel pump going bad.  Did the guy who did the conversion
do a bad job? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

'87 5Ktq (needing-Clutch,Tires)
'84 Ur-q (needing-a look at the shift linkage, Electrical system, Fuel