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It sounds that your dealership is being a really a hole.  I had my 1990 90
serviced in Madison, WI.

I was going to visit my parents in a week where I could leave the car off
for the day.  Mom called the service guy up that week before the car was
going to be there and he said let me check to make sure the part in-- bang
had the appointment, the part was in.  Brought the car in that next week
and it was done in a couple hours.

I know Madison is a little ways a way-- But I can get you the service
department of Zimbrick Motors in Madison, and I am sure they could send the
part to you or that * dealership.

Jordan '90 90

At 04/11/1998, Richard Segal wrote:
>I have been waiting patiently to have my air bag sensor module replaced
>according to the recall established in October 1997.  I have been told
>repeatedly by my local Audi dealer that the module for my car is in
>backorder.  I have a 1990 90 20VQ.  Anyone else having trouble getting the
>recall handled?  Thanks.
>Rich Segal
>Gainesville FL
>90 9020V Q