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RE: Why *I* drive an Audi...

>Could be ... we won't know for sure for another 10 years or so until 
they start buying cars.  Like I said, had it not been for the Ur-Q, I'm 
not sure I'd have ever given Audis a second look and I'm still not 
convinced the A4q has anywhere near the same appeal, SuperTouring cars 
or not.  But I'm 38, so what do I know about kids and the objects of 
their lust? -Jeff G.<

Well, if me, a lowly 16 year old is any indication, there could be some 
kids that would like a A4. I was very "helpful" in my parents recent 
acquisition of a 97 1.8TQ and I hope to some day get one. I agree that 
the older cars are more impressive and I don't expect to have anything 
very new for a long time, but the A4 is still fun to drive. It certainly 
is more refined than my 1984 Coupe Gt with over 250000. Although, there 
is the fact that the coupe rides harder than a bucking bronco because of 
_very_ stiff performance lowering springs. I am a weirdo kid because I 
grew up in an all audi family, but I still like the A4s, but not as much 
as the UrQ. Who needs new cars anyway?

Keith Fahlgren

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