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Re: 5kCSQ turbo water cooling line alternatives

Hydrocarbons, which are plentiful underhood, attack silicone, causing it to
swell and turn to mush. Fluorosilicone will withstand the hydrocarbons but
isn't particularly good mechanically. Viton (fluorocarbon elastomer) would
be best, although it gets hard as a rock at -30 or -40 degrees F. Given
where you live, this won't be a problem. Sorry to say I don't know where to
buy the stuff. Earl's Supply and McMaster Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com)
would be worth a try. The latter is a wonderful, albeit expensive, source
for all sorts of stuff that's nearly unfindable.

At 04:02 PM 4/10/98 -0700, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

--big snip--

>Is there some
>kind of hose that has better lngevity than the fabric sheathed rubber
>stuff that is typically used?  Would silicone hose be up to the task in
>the area near the turbo/EM?  Any thoughts about sources for this hose?

Larry Mittell
87 5kcstq
89 200tqw 1.8 bar