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Chips with everything

In message <01bd66c7$82b0ecc0$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:
> As soon as I opened the case I could see that someone had been
> working on the board, the lacquer was scratched and new solder
> was obvious.

"Someone (than than a QLCC member) had worked on it", I think.  QLCC
handiwork, IME, is virtually undetectable.

> A socket has been soldered in and theres an EPOM of some kind
> fitted. The only identification is a piece of adhesive foil with
> E81B7 scratched into it.  I had the impression that 'chipping' a
> CIS quattro was a waste of time (and money), certainly mine
> doesn't seem to be different from any other MB that I've driven
> - actually felt worse but I put that down to the fact that mine
> is crying out for alignment and a matched set of tyres.  As you
> may remember, I junked the 'gas-flowed and ported' (local
> tuners' description - IMO it looked like the ports had been
> opened up with a chisel and finished with a coarse file) head
> last year, so the engine has a standard head, Dialynx cam and
> 'hybrid' turbo (spec unknown), so if the chip has any effect or
> not I dont know.

No, there is _some_ point (especially with WRs) because you can raise
the boost limit.  On a WR, since enrichment is entirely mechanical,
this automatically increases fuel quantities.

On an MB, things are a little different because of the use of a fuel
frequency valve as in the MAC11/MAC13 MC engine.  I'd be interested
to know if the QLCC recognises the chip sticker.

> Did the WR model have the same MAC 12? There are two or three
> breakers yards around Yorkshire that have smashed Wrs so I might
> be able to get another ECU.

As fas as I'm aware, the one in my boot is the only one in the UK.

> Probably won't be able to get to Durham next week, Brigg (C2)
> tonight is a slight possibility, Oldham (C1) tomorrow night is
> definite.

Since some kind individual made off with the Passat's front bumper
and indicators in the night, I'm now immobile.  The ur-quattro's seats
are in pieces and awaiting spares - the back of the driver's seat has
gone for welding.  I'm just going to see if a Passat driver's seat
fits an ur-quattro ...

 Phil Payne
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