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4KQ RR coil-overs & more?

The season opener went well for the Fundsalo Racing 84 4KQ (I was able to drive
the car home after the event)... The cage from Mike Z. works great as does the new
trans from Chris at Autobahn Motors. The upgrade from 14x6 to 15x7 wheels and
nice new R1s and new (stock) brakes with SS lines helped too. Now it is time to
do something about the suspension and BTDT advice is needed. I want to go with
a coil-over conversion, front strut bar and camber-plates if needed. This is a pure
road racing 4KQ. Does anyone have BTDT experience with any of the following or 
any other coil-over kits?

Ground Control, TAP, Todd Candey, others?

How would you rate them on:

pure race car use?
quality of engineering?
quality of materials
quality of craftsmanship?
ease of installation?
ease of height adjustment?
fits standard 2.5" race springs?
post-sale technical support?

Are camber plates required on the 4KQ for serious RR use?

Must the strut bar be designed to work with specific camber plates?

Is there a proven combination of strut brace and camber plates that work well together?

Anyone know of any lightweight tubular adjustable bars for the 4KQ?

Any other 4KQ RR suspension thoughts?

When this is all done then I can concentrate on some mods to try to keep up with those
pesky stock VWs on the straights.....