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Re: 5000 PS hoses

I can echo this problem.  However, if you can tolerate a slight increase in
noise and steering effort, $30 for the US hose is much more bearable than
$100+ for the German hose!

At 08:35 AM 4/12/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Happy Easter everyone!
>I just wanted to warn those that might be considering the replacement of
>the high pressure hose in the hyd. system (from pump to rack).  I
>replace mine a month ago with a US made one from GPR.  It made ahumming
>noise, and also caused the steering to be very heavy.  I think another
>lister had this same problem recently.  I called GPR and they sent me a
>new German made hose, with sheath, no questions asked.  I think the US
>made hose lacks the internal damper.  I was also leaking a bit by the
>crimp at the rack end when I removed it yesterday!
>You don't want to do this twice, as it's tough to get tyour fingers and
>a wrench in there by the rack!
>Its back to quiet steering now!
>Jeremy Walters
>San Ramon, CA