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Audi USA plans for 1998-2000

Hi everyone...
I have been reading the list for the last several weeks... and have seen these posts concerning Audi's product plans, etc...
Here is what I know.. from a source who spoke directly with the President of Audi of America a few weeks ago...
Audi will be launching new products every 4 months:
A6 avant
no pearl white for all of 1998.... problem with pearl paint in the front bumper area where there is
a large curve.  Paint changes color with the bend.
1999 Audi S4
1999 Audi 1.8t comes with 180 hp standard
1999 1.8t Avant (avant 1.8t either fall or next spring)
Spring 1999:
Summer 1999:
A6 and A6Avant STANDARD engine becomes the 2.7 liter twin-turbo at 265hp!  5-speed or tip...   I think that he is mistaken and that it will be the light pressure at 235, but he insists that this is correct.  Doesn't matter though, as we can turn the boost from whatever up to 325! (Wetterauer America).  I do know that the difference between the light pressure 2.7 twin turbo and the S4 engine is boost pressure only.
1.8t stays 180hp 
A4 30v stays 190hp
Fall 1999:
S6, 340hp V8 six speed.                       
It appears to me, that if these events unfold as I have described above, that Audi will lay to rest, this issue of underperformance vs. bmw.  If the A6 comes with 265hp next year, it will be close to a 540i for $15k less...
The S4 will outperform the US spec M3 by a significant margin... early reports state that Audi has reworked torque for the US market, to keep well ahead of the M3
Please don't pin me down on all of this info.. I don't know it to be 100% accurate... it's only what I know to date, and I thought that you would appreciate my sharing it with you.
Stephen Pitts
President - Wetterauer America 
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It's supposed to getting a 230 hp detuned version the new S4 biturbo engine
as well as a V8 with a lot more power - I think those 2 will be the S6 and
the S6+. Who knows if we'll get them here?!?

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