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Interesting Heater Malfunction. Any Ideas ???!

Hi everyone,
On a recent ski trip to Vermont, the heated on my 1994 90Q would not 
Needless to say, it got quite a bit cold and uncomfortable. I stopped 
and checked the coolant, hoses (all the obvious things) and everything 
looked fine. I basically gave up and decided to take another look at 
it the next morning. Conditions continued to deteriorate until I found 
myself entering a stretch of high way covered with a thick layer of 
ice that had created an unbelievable obstacle course. One of the bumps 
was so deep that I ran out of suspension travel and the chassis 
received a pretty hard jolt. Sure enough as soon as I emerged from 
this stretch of high way, the heater began to work !!!
I think that the thermostat must have become stuck and the big jolt 
knocked it free. Could there be another explanation for this behavior? 
Has anybody had a similar experience? Any hints would be appreciated.