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Re: "the secondary market" (mild rant, again...)

Ken Keith wrote:
> > > [...]
> >
> > True.  In my case, self-wrenching has been forced on me by the total and
> > utter lack of skills at the dealerships.  I discussed having my fuel
> > injection problem looked at by a local dealership, but the service
> > receptionist stopped me halfway through my description of the symptoms
> > and said they had _NO_ diagnostic ability other than replace-and-see.
> I asked the local Audi dealer how much the hourly rate was for labor.  I
> knew it was expensive, but I had no idea just how much so.  I was rather
> shocked to find that it was $87.50 (USD) an hour.  Does this rate
> fluctuate between dealers, or is this the standard?
> Ken

Yikes!  I generally see about $60 - $70/hour.  Not that my car goes to
the dealer very much anymore......


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