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Re: UrQ Interior Refurb

>>> Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk> - 4/13/98 10:11 AM >>>

Passat seats fit ur-quattros, but the fore-and-aft adjustment is on
the wrong side, so seat adjustment is a greasy and awkward operation.

>>>"Wrong" side?  Not if you're accustomed to it that way ;-)

Am I allowed to say (heresy?) that - apart from the side support - the
Passat's seat is _BETTER_ than the Recaro thing fitted to the

>>>>Speak on...My red wagen can use some encouragement.  However, I must say the seats (d-especially) have become much less supportive.  Of course, she turns 230k today ;-).  

>>>Still wondering if the newer seat designs will fit?  Has anyone seen the "sport" seats in the VW Gti, K2, and Trek?  Would definitely consider these for ANY vehicle, provided the cover be less obnoxious.

Derek Daily
86.5  VW Quantum / Passat syncro
90 CQ