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Re: A4 - The Lust Factor

At 09:56 AM 4/13/98 -0700, Wendell_Gurley@notes.toyota.com wrote:
>Though not as dramatic an impact on the auto market as the aero 5000 of
>1983, I think the new Audi lineup is absolutely the best in the company's
>history.  Styling, quality, and performance wise, I'd say today's cars are
>a good buy, and will be great on the used market in 3 years.  If Audi
>really does challenge BMW in the sales figures in a few years, pricing will
>reflect it, and everyone will be saying today was the golden era for Audi

I agree(of course since I own an A4).  I also think that Audi buyers are
still reaping the benefits of the unintended acceleration ridiculousness.
Why do I think this?  Simple.  Audi's market share in the US was so poor
they had to do something drastic.  That drastic move was to design a great
car and price it much lower than the competition.   A BMW 328 costs about
$4000 more than an A42.8 and a 318 is about $3000 more than an A4 1.8T and
at least in the case of the 318, you get much less car.  

Paul Wilson