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Attention Brake System Defective

Morning all,
I've just made it home after driving for the best part of 20 Hours from
one end of New Zealand to the other. - (Yes I'm happy that the q is
finally running again after having been side-lined for so long).

Today's question is...
After driving for about 2hrs solid - the little girl in the dashboard
starts giving me the " Attention Brake system defective"  and carries on
telling me intermittently completely oblivious to my threats about what
I will do to her if I ever catch her out of the dashboard. Some times
she stays with me untill the cars turned off for a while nagging every 2
minutes for as long as the cars running ( 30 Minutes ) and other times
she naggs a couple of times and then runs off to do what ever she does
back inside the dashboard.

Apart from probably frying the stereo, the constant babble is
disconcerting to anyone who happens to hear it.  Me sitting their
happily countering that its a Sensor problem, does not do anyone's
confidence any good at all.

So, has my bomb got sick of the constant driving - it appears to be
irrelevant to brake usage - 2 hrs of motor way work or 2hrs of windy
country roads its all the same to her - its 2 hours buddy so its time
for me to nag you.  The pedal pressure and brake performance never
alters,  although as this is the only q I've ever driven I would have
expected a harder pedal ( relative to what ? ), but its always there and
its never let me down .

Any thoughts - what sensors are used and where, to determine what is
defective and why ?


Andrew Asher 85 URq