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Re: Alarms( longish)

If anyone has an alarm installed, make sure you get a pin-sensor on both the
hood and trunk. On average cars (non-audi) the pin-sensor at the hood
discourages the battery and siren from being disconnected. If the thief
knows which model to bust into, he can go through the trunk and bust out the
rear seat to disconnect the battery and defeat older alarms without a backup
battery supply. Actually, my alarm runs off the dome-light so a backup does
me no good as the activation of the dome light pins in the doors are one of
the systems which set off the alarm. The other sensor is impact/shock
sensor.  I have been able to break into every car equipped with an alarm
that family members have owned except for my Dad's 300E MB's (he wouldn't
let me disconnect anything under the car). My point is: Look at your car and
pretend you've lost your off-switch for the alarm. How are you you going to
get in? How can you make that impossible? Then ask other people how they
would get around it. If you've got a nice stereo ar cell-phone, someone will
find a way.
    I got my Prestige alarm with free installation from a friend at an
"Aftermarket Store"
I paid at-cost with no insatllatin fee. Friends are great. I paid him back
by helping him get his Suburban on the road. Those Chevys are just so hard
to figure out too!
Oh yeah, I hope you don't know which is mine; I gave too many clues to clean
it out.
From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net