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Wild West PRO Rally this weekend

Hi All,

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, this is just a reminder that the
first full National SCCA PRO Rally of the year is this weekend in Shelton,
Washington.  Almost all of the top national cars will be at this event
(except the Sprongls, who are not on the entry list at this time =(.  A
special rarity in this event will be the John Buffum contingent, who will be
running in the AWD Hyundai Elantra (I'm still wondering why a dealer can't
order me up one of them ;-).  Paul Choinere will be there in the AWD Hyundai
Tiburon, as well as Carl Merrill in the Escort Cozzie, and of course Rui in
the new S2, with Ben Bradley co-driving.  It should be an exciting event if
you can make it!

NW listers, Chris Tudor and Todd Phenneger, will be running in Chris' Open
Class 5ktq...decked out in Audi Sport colors which Chris painted himself (I
actually thought they were decals when I saw the car last weekend =).  I got
roped in at the last minute to co-drive in a new Mitsu. Eclipse GSX AWD in
Production GT (National), so I'll be running as well.  Hope to see some
listers out there!

-mark nelson

'90 S2 (Building for SCCA PRO Rally)
'85 4ktq project (for sale)
'86 4kcsq

MANY past Q's