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Re: 16 inch tire fit for S4??

I've just finished a stint w/ 245/45-16's on 16x7.5 35mm offset wheels. It handled quite nicely and the 45's were a good compromise between 50s & 40's, in the comfort department.
My concern w/ the stock 40mm offset wheels is the tire rubbing on the front strut where the tie rod mounts. W/ the 225 on the 40mm offset there is barely enough room (in fact there isn't enough) to slide a finger through at this point. Conversely, with the 245 on a 35mm wheel there was plenty of room to slide a finger through. I'd be hesitant about dropping the cash unless I could do a test fit to make sure they wouldn't rub.
Not sure in the 17s as a euro option, maybe Canada? That is what I plan on running when the big reds go on. Depending on how they ride, I may switch to 235/45-17 when it comes time for the next set.
Manufacturing tolerances, you gotta luv 'em. Your results may vary.
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I am contemplating new and maybe bigger tires for my 94 S4 with stock 16" five spoke rims and 225/50's.
I understand that you can run the 245/40/17's on the S4, it is printed on the inside of the gas cover, maybe 17" wheels were an option in Europe?
Has anyone had any luck with running 245/45's on the stock five spoke 16" wheels?