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3-speed aut xmission failure mode

Ok, here we go..

It is amazing that SO MANY people have this same failure mode and no one =
seems to  know what the point of failure is.

Here is my story and what I found to be THE (well, ok, the failure mode for  
me) failure point for the up-shift problem in the Audi 3-speed autos.

I had this problem a long time ago. I fixed it for about 1.5 years by =
giving the box chemo using half a can of Berrymens Chemtool.  I changed the =
fluid a couple days later and had no problems for 1.5 years.

The problem returned and another course of chemo did nothing.  I took the =
car to a little transmission shop and had it rebuilt (it really needed it =
by the look of the main band that was hair thin now)  Anyhow, I got the car =
back and it did the same exact thing!

I took it back and they pulled the valve-body off and found a sticky =
piston/valve associated with the throttle position lever. This is the =
piston that tells the transmission how much you have your foot 'in it' and =
it liked sticking in the 'i got it floored' position

I THINK you can see this piston from the bottom when the valve body is =
installed but I am not sure..   it is worth dropping the pan and following =
the lever inside and see what it pushes..   that will be it!

Please post if you have luck with this!