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Unseasonal UK April weather

Well I certainly wasn't expecting to get to try out my car in the snow until
next year after I bought my car at Christmas and we had no snow to speak of here
in Sunny Swansea. That was until I went home for the easter break. Not only did
I get to drive through a blizzard on the way home (only slush on the roads) over
the Welsh hills BUT on the way back last night I got to drive through inch thick
freezing snow over the hills near Macclesfield, hee hee (insert glowing praise 
of traction etc. here...  ...). Oooh I do like this car.


84 80q.

P.S. If anyone in interested the Yokohama A520's did not seem to be unduly 
fussed over the snow, though I may not have been trying hard enough... and
it was only an inch of the stuff.