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4ksq Throwout Bearing Replacement

The throwout bearing on my 1985 4000S Quattro has apparently
failed suddenly and rather noisily.  After studying the
procedure for engine removal and replacement in the Bentley
manual, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I am getting
into, but I have a question.  The manual calls for removal of
the v belt pulley, presumably to allow moving the engine far
enough forward so that it will disengage from the transaxle.
Since I don't have "supporting tool 2084" at my disposal, what
is the best way to keep the crankshaft from rotating so that I
can apply the 250 or so foot pounds necessary to break the
bolt loose?

Judging from the Bentley manual, this looks like a two Saturday
project at best.  I recently helped my son reinstall the 
transaxle in his '89 Fox, so I'm pretty sure that removing
the engine is less trouble than removing the transaxle, especially
with that extra driveshaft to deal with.  Am I correct in this
Dave Fain