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Seat R&R

In message <A955A4BCA8F8D011AE1C0000F804A88A6ED624@EMSS05M02.ems.lmco.com> "Smith, Kirby A" writes:

> I think I just reused the triangular thingies, if you mean the soft
> steel things that retain the leather draw wire to the seat bottom; in
> fact I just bent them up just enough to stretch the leather out of them,
> and then put it back.

Can't.  Got bored.  Got these neat miniature bolt cutters ...

Also can't find a stockist of hog ring pliers.  My local tool specialist
has an air-driven version - saying, with perhaps some justification,
that the pliers are not suitable for _producing_ upholstery, but only
for repair.

"Everyone we know uses cable ties."

I also have to find a supply of hog rings, of course.

 Phil Payne
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