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Re: about switching to synthetic

Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com> wrote:
> When I shifted to synthetic I made sure my mechanic got the real
> stuff and not a blend. He then told me the reason he doesn't use it
> is 'cos it loosens all that old stuff up there at the cam and wasn't
> a big fan of it. He actually showed me some stuff in a Toyota Cressida
> 6-cylinder with the double cams where all the gunk had collected from
> the dino-juice.

Oh yeah, I might add to the fact that I prefer taking my chances with 
synthetic oil and all the loosened gunk, that I'm the type of person who 
has a habit of trying to "test" things to see if they will break.  
Especially right after I buy them, since if they're gonna break I want 
them to before I'm depending on them (and sometimes before the warranty 
runs out or my receipt gets to old).

My girlfriend tells me it's not a good way to enjoy my new toys.