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re: Climate Control and GM

Mark Pollan <Mark.POLLAN@mci.com> wrote:
> I live in an area where gunracks are quite prevalent ==>

Sounds cool!  Where's it at?  Bet there's not a lot of crime.

> My question is, what GM years/models had the oh so reliable
> solenoid actuated climate control found in he Audi. Although there is
> little else more enjoyable than a jaunt thorugh a scrapyard on a
> spring morning, spare time is a _very_ precious commodity and I'd
> rather let my fingers do the walking.

I first heard of this when I got my A/C serviced.  The guy said the 
"control head" for the A/C on some Audis is the same as one for a 
Cadillac.  I didn't know what the heck he was talking about until I guess 
now.  So, you might try looking at those.